We are so grateful to these businesses for all the advice and help they have given to us.  From food to photos, check out these great businesses & wonderful people!

JB Knacker is the place to go for all your vintage furnishings/decorating items.  Brenda is a true inspiration.

Jeff’s Pizza Shop has the biggest & best pizza in town- pizza sauces such as fetta, alfredo, bbq, & more!

Chocolaterie Stam serves fine European Chocolates-Forest Berry is a must!

Candice Smith Photography will capture all your special moment babies, pets, families, weddings, & cupcakes!

Bear on Fire Creative offers wonderful art, design, & website building- just look at ours!

Beefuddling Ideas mixed media art offers a wide range of design-even cupcake posters

Miss Meyer’s Clothing Consignment will keep your closet looking like you just went to the mall, but without the cost.

The Pumpkin Patch is our neighbor next door that can help you pick out the greatest toys for kids and collectable toys for yourself!

The Royal Cafe is a great family owned business!  Serving groups in the restaurant or taking their homestyle food to you, they can help with all your food/catering needs!