Tiered Cupcake Wedding Silver 3 tiered Stands

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After 5 years, we’ve closed our doors (mini retirement) to work on new projects.  Updates will be posted on our FB.  Thank you!



Thinking about cupcakes for your Wedding?  We can help!  We’re excited to create the perfect look and flavor experience for your special day.  Choose up to 6 flavors from our list of more than 100, or create your own!  Customize with colored liners, frostings, & sprinkles/toppers.  If you have a theme or mood in mind, let us know.

Advantages of a Cupcake Wedding

Easy to serve

No need to ask a relative or hire someone to slice and hand out cake.

Many flavor options

Guests may choose from a variety of your favorite flavors, rather than just one or two.

Every piece looks perfect

Don’t worry about ruining a beautiful design!  Each guest receives an individually-decorated cake, instead of a slice with a partial decoration.


Display them to Fit your look

It’s easy to tailor your display to fit your unique look & theme. Weather you’re using vintage plates and pedestals, building a special display, or choose from our different rental stands, the possibilities are endless!

Slicing Cakes

Accent your cake display with a slicing cake.  Square and Round cakes available.  Cake in the face optional.

Schedule your tasting/consultation to see what we can do for you!


Slicing Cake Topped Tier

Cupcakes & Candy Bar

Liz & Joe Slicing Cake